Central Region Catholic Parishes

This page lists all of the liturgical organisations within the Central Parishes

Mass of Anointing and Social Gathering

Held twice a year. May at St Ita's Drouin and November at St Joseph's.This is a wonderful opportunity for the housebound and those in aged care facilities to come together for Mass and refreshments.


 Drouin: Colleen Butterworth (03) 5625 1705

Warragul: Joan Robertson (03) 5623 1642

Trafalgar/Yarragon: Julianne Keily (03) 5633 1166

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and to the Sick and Elderly

These people take communion to the sick and elderly in their homes, as well as Lyrebird and Amberlea (Drouin) and Fairview Homes and Cooinda Lodge (Warragul)

Andrews House (Trafalgar)

Phone Numbers:

Prue Walkinshaw: (03) 5623 1642 (Warragul)

Barbara Durand: (03) 5625 1430  (Drouin)

Julianne Keily: (03) 5633 1166  (Trafalgar)


Piety Stall

Drouin - Isabel McLean

Warragul - Elizabeth Grainger (03) 5623 6042

Trafalgar-Julianne Keily (03) 5633 1166

Communion to the Sick and Elderly

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist take Holy Communion to the sick and housebound in aged care facilities and private homes on Sundays and weekdays.


Prue Walkinshaw (03) 5623 1642 St Joseph's Parish or

Barbara Durand: (03) 5625 1430 St Ita's Parish  or

Julianne Keily: (03) 5633 1166 St John's & St Jarlath's Parishes.

Children's Liturgy of The Word

This program is designed for children who attend Sunday Mass with their parents. The children are taken out of Mass on the 1st and 3rd Sundays Drouin and 2nd and 4th Sundays in Warragul of the month at the beginning of the readings and are brought back at the Procession of Gifts.

During this time the children listen to the readings from the Children’s Lectionary, from which the catechist will help them reflect on what they have heard. They also participate in prayers of the faithful.

Musicians and Singers

Parishioners are involved in providing music for the weekend Masses. Anyone who has an interest in music and singing are invited to become involved.

Phone Numbers:

Warragul – Claire Henshall (03) 5623 2615

Drouin - Richard Wans: (03) 5625 2159